Yeah Mr. White! Yeah science!


spilling willing, awful accounts
Of who & what & where &
And why won’t you love me a 2nd time?

I am endothermic endings.
I hate you.

I am 12 million miles from all of us;
we were never nothing. We’re
forever nothing.
Nothing more than
all that’s left —
i was once that reason.

i was,…



Before this starts, I’d like to give you all a heads up - this is me writing about my depression, anxiety, and burnout, which means there’ll be talk of suicidal ideation and a pair of attempts. If that’s dangerous for you and you’d still like to read this, please, be safe. Have comfort and safety close by.

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Well, it’s happened. Obama has won a second term as president. His election in 2008 was bad enough, but at least it had a silver lining: it was his first time in the Oval Office. Everyone knows that first time presidents won’t rock the boat. They follow the rules of the ROAD. I’m not internet…


20) Bronco Bama

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19) Eastwooding

biden eastwoods

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18) Doppelgangers

santorum mclovin

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17) Bachmann Eyes

bush bachmaneyez

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16) Obama Wizard


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15) Rhymes With “Porn Dog”

Perry corn dog

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Roger Ailes Offered Bush Administration “Off the Record Help” in Private Note


Fat asshole and Fox News president Roger Ailes just re-upped to run his network through the 2016 election, and he continues to maintain the grotesque fiction that he operates an independent news outlet and not a vital constituency in the Republican coalition. In case there was any doubt left, though—there isn’t, really—here’s a handwritten note he sent to George W. Bush’s secretary of state in 2005 offering “help off the record” any time.

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If you were following coverage of Sandy last night, you may have seen photos of nurses and firemen transporting babies from the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) at NYU’s hospital. If you didn’t, you might consider looking them up. They’re very moving. They show courageous emergency and medical…

The true principle is to subject the commerce of every locality, to whatever burdens may be necessary to facilitate it. If Charleston harbor needs improvement, let the commerce of Charleston bear the burden. If the mouth of the Savannah river has to be cleared out, let the sea-going navigation which is benefited by it, bear the burden. So with the mouths of the Alabama and Mississippi river. Just as the products of the interior, our cotton, wheat, corn, and other articles, have to bear the necessary rates of freight over our railroads to reach the seas. This is again the broad principle of perfect equality and justice, and it is especially set forth and established in our new constitution.

Vice-President Alexander Stephens, Confederate States of America, in his “Cornerstone Speech”

Remember this speech when conservatives start talking about FEMA and rebuilding costs after Sandy in the coming days, just as was said to New Orleanians after Katrina. This is not a new debate, and the Neo-Confederates have all joined the GOP.

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The best endorsement of this election cycle.


Republican candidate Richard Mourdock’s comments that pregnancies from rape are a “gift from God,” were outrageous to those of us that actually believe a woman should control her own body, and that abortion is not murder. But they weren’t actually surprising or shocking to anyone that believes…